Saturday, March 2, 2002

Quick update

Just a very quick update; my appointment with Heme/Onc is going to be on the 14th; that will give us time to get past Kat's surgery.

I'll let you know next Wednesday how the surgery went, and I'll let you know the following week how my appointment goes and what the specialist says about my prognosis, management and possible treatments. One of my first questions will be about the outside chance of this possibly being a leukemoid reaction.

I looked up the results of the flow cytometry (interestingly, the company says it's against company policy for an employee to look up his/her own labs, for some reason, but that hasn't stopped me yet) and the full report says there are "monoclonal lymphocytes consistent with (not "suggestive of," as I thought I heard) a low grade lymphoproliferative disorder like CLL." That sounds a bit more definite, unfortunately. But, we'll see what the oncologist says and go from there.

Please be thinking of Kathy next week. Again, we both appreciate all your messages and concern.