Saturday, April 13, 2002

The Match Pool

So, is everybody that wants to be in the pool already in? And is everybody paid up?

I'll be seeing my doc on Tuesday afternoon. There may, or may not, be some information provided. I know my HLA type is back, but I don't know if the sib's matches will be back or not yet. Certainly not all will be back yet; I don't think Dan's has been sent in yet and Doug's got there last week. But they may have information about Deb and/or Diane.

Thus the question: if partial information is available, do you guys want to get it as it comes out or have a grand finale announcement when it's all done, with all the data at one time?

We're still doing okay; I'm working 4 days a week now, and getting hammered on the days I'm there. My patients were waiting (patiently?) for me to come back. We're going to Dallas next Friday night and will be there for about 10 days while Deuce gets delivered and Jen recovers somewhat. More HLA information will likely come in while we're gone and so won't be able to be disseminated until we get back, on April 28th.

Kathy had her post-op check yesterday and is doing well. Everything had healed normally. She's pretty much back to full activity now.

I'll be in touch again probably on Tuesday PM. What will you guys want me to report on at that time, in terms of HLA info?