Friday, July 26, 2002

Rave reviews and "The Fuzzies!"

Dave’s Great Adventure
Chapter 1, verse 4
July 26, 2002

Just a Short Verse

Dave’s Great Adventure opens to rave reviews!!!

“Please keep the episodes coming.” -- Frank in Albuquerque
“...enjoyed reading them so much....” -- Mom in Muscatine
“Keep those notes and adventure stories coming.”--Marcia in Heidelberg
“ explained things really well.” --Kathy R in Hotlanta
“What the hell is this crap!” -- Ebert and Roeper -- At the Movies

Well folks, yesterday I finally felt like something was happening. I woke up a little weary and the feeling only got worse during the day. I just felt a bit weak, unsteady and I found it difficult to concentrate. I actually had been warned that this lack of concentration might happen. One of my colleagues who has been through chemo for her breast cancer (and who is helping out in our clinic in my absence) told me that her thinking was “fuzzy” during the chemo. Man, she was right. I found it difficult to read entire articles in the paper yesterday. The headlines I could manage, but getting into the details was difficult.

Since I didn’t feel well for the first time, and didn’t feel like doing much around the house yesterday, Kathy took me to a movie. We saw “Road to Perdition,” and I’ll give it two thumbs up, though it was a very somber, dark movie and didn’t do a lot of good for my mood.

Today I feel the same, a little like I’ve been drinking or something. I also notice that even with spell-check there were a number of typos in my message from yesterday. See, I can’t concentrate very well all of a sudden. A couple of days ago I was kinda feeling guilty that I was feeling so well and wasn’t at work, now I know the reason I was told to take off work. Even as I write this I find I can’t keep all my thoughts lined up and have to work to keep the paragraphs flowing. So maybe I’ll quit for now.

There are a bunch of other things I want to write down at some point; how I felt when I got the news about the leukemia, what I expect from the disease and the treatment, and more, but I’ll get those into a subsequent “verse.”

So I think for now I’ll go out and lie in the hammock again since that’s all I’m up for at the moment.

Until later,