Wednesday, March 13, 2002


Hi Jen,

Just a quick note about my MRI; I'm not sure who all knows about my episode of being disoriented while on L&D last weekend, but because of that, I was scheduled for an MRI last night. It went well (very noisy,but otherwise no real problem) and after it was over I told the tech that I was a Kaiser doc and asked if I could glance at the films. They said, "yeah, sure" so I walked over to look at them...and had, of course, no idea what I was seeing! Another tech said the radiologist was through a door behind us, so I went in and asked her if she could take just a minute to look at my films with me. Turns out she's a"neuro-radiologist." I didn't even know we had that variety.

Anyway, she looked them over and said that other than a sinus infection(which I've been battling for a decade or more) there really wasn't much else, at a quick look. Certainly no large masses, tumors, etc.

I had my abdominal CT scan today but it wasn't at Kaiser so I couldn't get to the films. I guess I'll find out something about that in a few days or so. I'll let you know when some results are in.

After feeling just about back to normal a week or so ago, I'm kinda feeling puny again. I'm tired and not much appetite. I've lost about 12 pounds in a couple of months; I don't like that much at all.

I'm seeing the hematologist tomorrow; I hope I get all my questions answered them. Ma's going along, too.

I'll let you know what we find out as we go along in this process. Until later...


More tests, feeling bad again.

Well, another series of tests, mixed information.

First of all, I was feeling quite well about 10 days ago, went back to work, but then started feeling very weak again. In fact, while on Labor and Delivery last weekend, I got a bit disoriented, not a good thing when I am on call for deliveries, C-sections, etc.

When this happened I told my doc, he ordered an MRI of my head which didn't show much to be concerned about (ie, no lymphomas in my brain). I'm still somewhat weak, so am on a leave of absence for a couple of weeks until we get this stuff sorted out. I'm going to see the Heme/Onc doc tomorrow which should answer, hopefully, a lot of questions.

I had my CT scan today and the results are back already; nothing very specific. Certainly no large lymphomas, though there are several non-specific findings of small but slightly enlarged lymph nodes along the aorta and one in the liver. We'll see what my Heme/Onc doc, Dr. Koester, says about that tomorrow.

My white count went up again; as of Monday it was 27,000! I kinda wish it would trend down for a change. My liver functions and other tests are completely normal now.

Kathy is still doing pretty well for having had major surgery 1 week ago.

That's all for now. We'll be in touch.